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History of the Association

December 18, 1961 Inaugural General Meeting was held at the auditorium of Sudo Women Teachers' College: 5 Sectoral Committees (Oriental painting, Western painting, Sculpture, Handicraft and Calligraphy) were formed: the Association was formally established in order to advance the nation's fine arts, to advocate the rights and interests of artists, to facilitate international exchange of fine arts, and to promote recirocal cooperation among artists.

Park Deuk-sun was elected as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors: two vice-chairman were Kim hwan-gi and Kim Sejung respectvely.

June 28, 1962 The Minister of Education authorized the establishment of the

Association as a social organization.

August 9, 1962 The Association acceded to International Association of Arts as a member organization.

February 2,1963 Kim Hwan -gi was elected the second Chairman: Lee Sun-seok and

Lee Bong-sang as vice-chairman.

January 25, 1964 Kim Byeong-gi was elected the third Chairman: Lee Bong-sang and

Suh Se-ok as vice-chairman.

June 5, 1965 Do Sang-bong was elected the fourth Chairman: Yoon Hyo-jung and

Suh Se-ok as vice-chairman.

The Minister of Education approved the Association as a social organization

(Approval No. 186)

Removed to the new building of Korean Federation of Cultural and Arts Organization

at 81-6 Sejongno Street.

March 11, 1967 Kim In-seung was elected the fifth Chairman: Yoo Yeong-guk and

Suh Se-ok as vice-chairman.

March 8, 1969 The 8th Regular General Assembly revised the Articles of Association to create Sectoral Committee of Woodcut Print (a total of six Sectoral Committees)

Lee ma-dong elected the sixth Chairman: Kim Won, Chang U-seong and Suh Se-ok as vice-chairman.

December 29, 1971 Lee Ma-dong re-elected the seventh Chairman: Kim Gi-chang,

Ryu Gyeong-chae and Park Seo-bo as vice-chairman.

March 21, 1973 Kim Se-jung elected the eighth Chairman: Chung hwan-seop,

Park Seo-bo and Choi gi-won as vice-chairman.

July, 1973 Removed th Room 606, Doctors' Building, owing to the plan to reconstruct

Citizen's Hall and the evacuation of Korean Federation of Cultural and Arts Organizations from it.

April 30, 1975 Suh Se-ok was elected the ninth Chairman: Kim Jeong-suk, Park Seo-bo and Arts Organizations from it.

April 24, 1976 The Fifteenth General Assembly revised the Articles of Association to create Sectoral Committee of Review(a total of 7 Sectoral Committees).

June 1, 1976 Removed to the former Jongno-gu District Office (110 Insa-dong, Jongno-gu) owing to the demolition of Doctors' Building in accordance with a new urban re-development plan.

March 26, 1977 Park Seo-bo was elected the tenth Chairman: Chung Yeong-yeol, Cho Yong-ik and Ha Jong-hyeon as vice-chairman.

February 3, 1978 The Minister of Culture and Public Information authorized the establishment of the Association (No. 317). On March 15 of the same year, the Association was formally registered with Seoul District Court (Reg.No.1544)

April 12,1980 Kim Yeong-jung was elected the eleventh Chairman: Choi Gyeong-han and Cho Yong-ik as vice-chairman.

August 27,1980 At an Extraordinary General Assembly, Cho Yong-ik was reelected as

vice-chairman in a by-eldction.

April 25,1981 In a by-election caused by the ill health of Chairman Kim Yeong-jung,

Lee Jon-mu was elected the twelfth Chairman: Choi Gyeong -han Cho Yong-ik as vice-chairman.

February 11, 1982 In a resolution adopted by the 21st Regular General Assembly (March 24, 1982), Chung Geun-mo was elected as vice-chairman in a by-election.

April 11, 1983 The 22nd Regular General Assembly revised the Articles of Association to create Sectoral Committee of Design (a total of eight Sectoral Committees).

April 23, 1983 Chung Gwan-mo was elected the 13th Chairman: Sin Geum-lye,

Choi Gwang-seon and Choi Myiong-yeong as vice-chairman.

January 11, 1986 Ha Jong-hyeon was elected the 14th Chairman: Choi Seung-Cheon,

Min Bok-jin and Yoon Myeong-no as vice-chairman.

April 10, 1986 The responsibility for holding the Grand Atr Exhibition of Korea was

transferred from Korean Institute for the Promotion of Culture and Art to the sponsorship of the Association.

December 1987 The Association took over the responsibility for holding the Grand Handicraft Exhibition of Korea from the National Museum of Modern Art.

January 14, 1989 Kim Seo-bong was elected the 15th Chairman: Park Dong-in, Jeon Yeong-hwa, Lee Seung-taek, Chang yun-u and Cho Hoe-su as vice-chairman.

October, 1989 The Association took over the responsibility for holding the Grand Art

Exhibition of Korea fron Korean Insititute for the Promotion of Culture and Art and

holds the Grand Calligraphy Exhibition of Korea separately from the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea.

January 16, 1992 The 31st Regular General Assembly was held at Olympic Weight-lifting Stadium and elected Park Gwang-jin as the 16th Chairman and Son Su-gwang, Hwang Jong-nye, Suh Seung-weon, Kwon Chang-nyum and Choi Tae-mun as vice-chairman.

November 25, 1992 The 13th Regular General Assembly and Representatives' Meeting of International Association of Arts were held at Seoul Olympic Parktel with 25 countries taking part.

February 25, 1994 The 33rd Regular General Assembly revised the Articles of Association to augment the number of vice-chairman from 5 to 7, appointing two new vice-chairman for Finance and Policy.

February 5, 1995 The Regular General Assembly elected Lee Du-sik as the 17th Chairman and Yuh Won-gu, Kee Gyeong-su, Bae Dong-hwan, Hwang Jeong-ja,

Park Byeong-uk, Sin Sang-ho and Cho Ilsang.

February 26, 1996 The 35th Regular General Assembly augmented the number of Directors from 45 to 61, creates Administration Committee and divided Sectoral Committee of Western Painting into Committee 1 for non-representational paintings and Committee 2 for representational paintings.

January 6, 1998 The 37th Regular General Assembly elected Park Seok-won as the 18th Chairman and Gu ja-seung, Baek Hyeon-ok, Sung Gi-jeom, Choi Byeong-sik, Han Gil-hong, Han Jin-man and Kwon Jeong-ho as vice-chairman.

February, 1999 Vice-chairman Baek Hyeon-ok, Seong Gi-jeom, Choi Byeong-sik and Kwon Jeong-ho resigned together with eight Directors.

June, 2000 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea created Sector of Scholastic Painting.

January 31, 2001 The 40th Regular General Assembly elected Kwak Suk-son as the

19th Chairman and Kim Kyung-Hwa, Lee Dong-ik, Hong Jae-youn, Kim Choon-shik,

Song Soo-ryun, Nha Seoung-sook and Ha Chul-Kyung as vice-chairman.

It reorganized Sectoral Committee of Review to include Research functions and created two new Sectoral Committees of Video & Installation and Scholastic Painting by revising the Articles of Association(a total of 12 Sectoral Committees). Special Committee of Art Property was set up as an independent (standing) unit.

January 4, 2004 The 43rd Annual General Meeting
Twentieth Director: Ha Cheol-gyeong
Deputy Director: No Jae-seung (Head), Lee Nam-chan, Kim Young-cheol, Min Byeong-do, Lee Min-ju, Jo Jong-sook, Jang Young-ran. Amended the Articles to add 2 directors Kang Byeong-don, Seo Keun-seob
Auditor: No Dal-soo, Shin Young-jin

January 2004 Renamed the [Image and Installation Division] as [Media Arts Division]
Newly established [Water Color Division]
Approved the registration of Seoul branch (Currently, 12 branch offices are approved- Gangnam, Guro, Gangseo, Yangcheon, Jongro, Gwangjin, Seocho, Gangbuk, Gwanak, Geumcheon, Dongjak, Seongdong)
Fully paid members can open a member gallery in the homepage. (3 artworks per person can be displayed)
Moderated the membership regulations for new members (Years of career experience of non-majored artists: 12years → 9years)
Lowered the branch members’ annual membership fee, which needs to be paid to the headquarter (Previous: 36,000 won → 25,000 won)

August 19, 2005 Transferred the accumulated fund for the Grand Arts Exhibition (1080 million won) from the Arts Council Korea

January 7, 2007 The 46th Annual General Meeting (The nine regions including Seoul, held a election of the director simultaneously.)
Twenty-first Director: No Jae-soon
Deputy Director: Lee Dong-heung (Head), Jang Ji-won, Shin Je-nam, Lee Cheon-woo, Choi Deok-gyo, Kim Mu-ho, Lee Heon-guk, Ryu Myeong-sik, Ha Mi-hye, Jeon Ho
Auditor: Im Jong-gak, Go Hye-ryeon

January 1, 2010 The 49th Annual General Meeting (The nine regions including Seoul, held a election of the director simultaneously.)
Twenty-first Director: CHA Dae-Young
Deputy Director: KIM Chun-Ok (Head), IM Keun-Woo, SUH Yang-Soon, JANG Ei-Gyu, LEE Kwang-Soo, HEO Youn-Hee, PARK Heon-Youl, Son Kwang-sik, KIM Hyun-Tae
Auditor: AN Ho-Bum, LEE Chung-Ja
As the articles of association amendment passed, the new delegate system will be applied instead of membership system at next regular general assembly (GA).

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