Organization Chart
  Functional Structure
  Major Performance
  Ministry and Authorities Concerned
and Relevant Organizations
  Affiliated Organizations
  List of Branches
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Functional Structure

Schedule of Responsibilities

·Steering: Matters relating to the general management of the Association

(scholarship, budgetary control, publication of bulletins, etc.)

·Planning: Matters relating to the establishment of project and public information palns

·International Relations: Matters relating to the selection of artists to participate in

international exhibitions and the collection and study of data for international exchanges

·Projects: Matters relating to the execution of the Association's projects and the improvement of the Members' welfare

·Finance: Matters relating to the securing financial means for the operation of the Association through affairs of the Association in general and the financial affairs of the Association in general

·Policy: Matters relating to studying and establishing the internal policy and long-term development plan of the Association

·Chapter Management: Matters relating to plans for developing and structurally improving and adjusting branches and chapters

▶Budget Operation

·Project-related income: financial assistance from Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund, Exhibition entry fees, admission fees, etc.

·Management-related income:

1) membership fees (admittance and annual fees)

2) miscellaneous receipts: fees for issuing various certificates

(membership and employment certificates 3,000won: Exhibition performance certificate 5,000 won)

3) financial assistance from the Korean Federation of Cultural and Arts Organizations 1,315,000 won per month (21,040,000 won per annum)

▶Admittance Procedure for Membership

·Seoul: Submission of Application documents (to the Secretariat)- evaluation for admittance (by relevant Sectoral Committee)- approval by the Board of Directors- registration (with the Secretariat)- issue of Membership ID

(Admittance and Registration fees totalling 196,000 won: admittance fee 150,000 won: annual membership fee 36,000 won: donation for Scholarship Fund 10,000 won)

·Chapter: Submission of Application documents (to the Branches or Chapters)-

evaluation by Branches or Chapters- registration with the Secretariat at the Association's Main Office- evaluation by relevant Sectoral Committee- approval by the Board of Directors- notification to Branches or Chapters

▶Registration Procedure for Affiliated Organizations

Application for registration (by an organization consisting of more than 15 members who are concurrently Members of the Association and having performed organizational activities for over two years)- evaluation and approval by the Board of Directors (organizational registration fee 50,000 won: annual fee 30,000 won): as of now, 139 organizations are registered

▶Procedure for the Establishment of Chapters

Application for establishment (by a prospective chapter with more than three sectoral committees and more than 15 members approved by the Association's Main Office)-approval by the Board of Directors- notification of approval(delivery of note of approval)

·A Provincial Branch is established in a province with more than three Chapters.

There are currently a total of 101 Branches and Chapters including 9

Provincial Branches, 6 Branches in Metropolitan Cities and 86 Chapters

▶Scholarship Fund

Financial Sources: scholarship is paid once or twice a year out of interests deriving

from the Fund of 61,178,988 won (as of the end of the year 2000)

Recipients: Children of the Members nation-wide who attend junior/senior high school

and university.

Management and Evaluation: Steering Committee

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